From Multimodal LLM to Human-level AI:

Modality, Instruction, Reasoning and Beyond


MLLM Tutorial

Welcome to the MLLM Tutorial series on CVPR 2024!

Artificial intelligence (AI) encompasses knowledge acquisition and real-world grounding across various modalities. As a multidisciplinary research field, multimodal large language models (MLLMs) have recently garnered growing interest in both academia and industry, showing an unprecedented trend to achieve human-level AI via MLLMs. These large models offer an effective vehicle for understanding, reasoning, and planning by integrating and modeling diverse information modalities, including language, visual, auditory, and sensory data. This tutorial aims to deliver a comprehensive review of cutting-edge research in MLLMs, focusing on three key areas: MLLM architecture design, instructional learning, and multimodal reasoning of MLLMs. We will explore technical advancements, synthesize key challenges, and discuss potential avenues for future research.



Hao Fei

National University of Singapore

Yuan Yao

National University of Singapore

Ao Zhang

National University of Singapore

Haotian Liu

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Fuxiao Liu

University of Maryland, College Park

Zhuosheng Zhang

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Shuicheng Yan

Kunlun 2050 Research, Skywork AI





Reading List

Section 1: LLMs and MLLMs

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Section 2: Instruction Tuning

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Section 3: Reasoning with LLM

  1. Zhang, et al., 2023, Multimodal Chain-of-Thought Reasoning in Language Models
  2. Zhao, et al., 2023, MMICL: Empowering Vision-language Model with Multi-Modal In-Context Learning
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